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One tool to Access and Manage your 3rd Party Inspections seamlessly.

Decrease inspection costs and drive the performance of your inspection agencies through competitive bidding & performance tracking

TPI Connect not only allows you to bid out, award and manage inspections, it also tracks your inspection firm's performance of report delivery, NCR identification etc.  

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Automation and productivity tools simplify the coordination process.

TPI Connect dramatically decreases the time/labor required to manage inspections through automation, organization, and offering a single distribution point for inspections.  

Tap into a database of qualified Inspection Agencies

TPI Connect instantly notify Agencies when inspections are created that meet their capabilities allowing you to reach more inspection firms with a single click

Streamline inspection reports management through automated report distribution and storage

As agencies upload inspection reports, they are time stamped for delivery and automatically distributed to your project team.  

Upward Curve
Clients Provide Input into Agency Performance

Not satisfied with your inspection firm's performance?  TPI Connect tracks your inspection firms performance to allow you to drive improvements and increase their accountability.

TPI Connect Score Cards

  • On-time delivery of flash and inspection reports

  • NCR Identification & escapes 

  • Costs/Inspection

  • User ratings 

Track Performance
Image by Ant Rozetsky

Ready to Simplify 3rd Party Inspection Management?

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